Parks & Recreation

Paved and Gravel Trails


Paved and Gravel trails are supported by community partners, including:

Friends of the Lakewalk, and Friends of Western Duluth Parks and Trails


Winter Trail Use
During the winter, if single track trail is freshly groomed after snowfall, the best practice is to wait until the surface has hardened or setup prior to usage. This prevents deep foot prints and rutting on the trail surface. In hard-packed snow conditions, the best practice is to only use the trail if you are not breaking through.


City of Duluth Paved and Gravel Trails

The City of Duluth offers over 200 miles of trails open to hiking. Though many of these trails are multi-use and shared with other users, such as cyclists, equestrians, or even snowmobiles- however, the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) offers 42-miles of hiking-only trail across town. In addition to the SHT, below is a list of just some of the trail segments open to hiking throughout Duluth. Also, be sure to check out the Online Parks & Trails Map.