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The Duluth Citizen Advisory Committee was appointed by Mayor Emily Larson from February 2018 to April 2019. This Committee was assigned a two part charge:

  1. Conduct a business and facility alternatives development and assessment process for Duluth Golf in the with the aim of advising the City how best to provide quality, reasonably affordable, public golf in Duluth on a financially sustainable basis, including financing for debt payments and infrastructure renovation.
  2. Design the planning process to meaningfully engage the opinions of a broad swath of the community, including but not limited to golfers, and provide guidance that draws on relevant data, best practices, expertise, and analysis including analysis of the potential for partial closure and sale of some Duluth Golf assets.

To support the committee’s work, the City contracted with golf industry consultants to provide the following services:

  1. Development and assessment of Duluth Golf business and facility options.
  2. Assessment of golf facility conditions and development of capital investment options.
  3. Public opinion research to illuminate the opinions of Duluth citizens (golfers and non-golfers) about the future of Duluth Golf.

Below you will find the Findings of the Duluth Golf Citizen Advisory Committee report, documents provided by our consultants, video footage of the Council Committee of the Whole Meeting, and the PowerPoint presentation that was given during the Council Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, March 11th.

Proposed Changes to Ownership and Use of Public Green Space in the Lester Park and Enger Park Areas

Lester Area Future Protection Designation Map

Golf Study Citizen Advisory Findings

March 11th Committee of the Whole Presentation

Duluth Committee of the Whole Golf Findings Video Feed


  1. Duluth Golf Course Facility Assessment
  2. Facility Assessment Supplement - Enger Course
  3. Facility Assessment Supplement - Enger Irrigation
  4. Duluth Golf Public Opinion Research
  5. 2019 Fund 503 Budget Summary
  6. JJ Keegan Financial Review
  7. Golf Facility Strategies
  8. Golf Model
  9. Lester Park Golf Course Market Analysis
  10. Enger Area Development Master Plan Concept
  11. Golf Citizen Advisory Committee Charge