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The 2010 Master Plan drives Duluth Parks Planning in determining the future use of our extensive parks and trail system. Goals of this plan include:

  • improve the quality of existing parks (especially neighborhood parks)
  • focus on connecting the community through trails and bikeways
  • have fewer, but higher quality recreation buildings
  • enhance stewardship of natural resources
  • expand partnerships with schools for community recreation and gathering
  • increase use and recognition of volunteers and volunteer groups
  • create stable and sustainable funding sources to improve the park system 

Project 1: Lakewalk Trail Extension Project

The City of Duluth conducted a trail feasibility study for the construction of the Lakewalk Extension in the Beacon Pointe / Ledges Neighborhood from 20th Avenue East to 26th Avenue East. The study looked at the trail’s feasibility and potential landscape enhancements. The primary focus of the planning process was on the legality and engineering feasibility, and included associated costs. The study concluded that the project is feasible and the results were presented at a Committee of the Whole on March 14, 2016. The information gathered will be used as a decision making tool for future trail planning by the City of Duluth.

Project Partners: LHB
Important Documents: 
Lakewalk Task Force Report (Completed January 2015)
Lakewalk Feasibility Study (Final, February 2016

Project II: Commercial Use Policy

In 2015, the public provided input for this Lakewalk Study through an online questionnaire with a summary provided HERE. The questionnaire results will help shape the creation of policies regulating commercial activity and establishing a process to review and approve such activity along the Lakewalk to ensure an enjoyable experience for all users. The results will be incorporated into the Lakewalk Master Plan, which will begin in 2017. Further public input will be gathered through the planning process and recommendations will be made with the final Lakewalk Master Plan.

Project Status: Incorporating information into the Lakewalk Master Plan process.