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Financial Assistance

The goal of the fee assistance policy is to lower financial barriers to participation in park programs for Duluth residents in financial need. Eligibility for the program is determined by completing an application and verifying City of Duluth residency.

Fee assistance participation may be available to any Duluth resident in need. To qualify for assistance, applicants must affirm that they are Duluth residents. One member of the household must meet one of the criteria listed below for everyone in the household to be eligible to receive financial assistance:

  • School Free and reduced lunch program
  • Housing Authority (HUD) Section 8 Rent Subsidy
  • Medicare or Medicaid
  • County financial assistance (SNAP, Emergency or Medical Assistance, Unemployment)
  • Social Security Disability

Should a household not meet any of the above criteria and still identify a need for financial assistance, such assistance may be approved on a case by case basis by the Parks and Recreation Manager or their designee.

The amount of fee assistance provided to each participant is limited per calendar year to:

  • Up to $300 per participant for qualifying programs
  • Once recipients meet $300 limit, then up to 50% off all other qualifying programs

Fee assistance is eligible for programs including but not limited to: skating program punch card, play gym punch card, out-of-school time programs, day camps, general recreation programs such as archery, outdoor skills, hikes, fishing programs, and more. Fee assistance is not eligible for facility rentals, permits, or programs coordinated by community groups.

Please complete form and email to Once received, we will follow up with you to confirm your Fee Assistance.

Questions? Call 218-730-4306.

Click here for more information on our Financial Assistance Policy, including information about groups.

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