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Please visit our parks COVID page for the latest information and announcements related to equipment rentals and programming.

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Agents of Discovery:

An exciting new way to experience Duluth’s parks is now available! Agents of Discovery, an educational mobile game
app, will turn different parks into fun, safe learning opportunities with detective Missions for you to complete on your
smartphone or smart device. Become nature detectives as you learn about Duluth and the world around you! Missions
with rotate monthly between different parks, trails, and events.

Current Mission(s): 
- Ely's Peak - along DWP Trail (park at 2384 Becks Road)
- Enger Park

Having issues? Make sure you app is up to date! Check the bottom of the Settings screen (current version is v5.2.54)

How do I participate?

  1. Download the Agents of Discovery app (free!) on a smartphone or tablet
  2. Download any current Parks & Recreation Missions – look for our logo in the Missions list
  3. Go to the Mission location and open the app. Create an account and Log In to qualify for a small prize upon Mission completion (we'll announce dates/times to pick up a prize later this spring - stay tuned!).
  4. Walk around the Mission location to find Challenges which are marked by GPS pins in the app.

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