Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

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Duluth, a four-season city with 11,000 acres of green space alongside the great Lake Superior, has miles of trails and over 100 parks, providing a suitable back drop for a multitude of recreation activities.

  • 129 Parks
  • 11,000 acres of green space
  • 6,834 acres of City parkland
  • 10 miles of horseback trail
  • 30 miles paved, and 16 miles gravel accessible trail
  • 38 miles (61k) of cross-country ski trail
  • 85 miles of bike-optimized singletrack trail
  • Over 150 miles of natural surface hiking trail!
  • 8 outdoor skating rinks
Duluth Parks and Recreation is seeking a concessionaire for the Wheeler Athletic Complex. See the press release here for more information. Interested parties can contact

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          An exciting new way to experience Duluth’s parks is now available! Agents of Discovery, an educational mobile game app, will turn different parks into fun, safe learning opportunities with detective Missions for you to complete on your smartphone or smart device. Become nature detectives as you learn about Duluth and the world around you! Missions with rotate monthly between different parks, trails, and events.

           Current Mission(s): 
           STARTING MAY 14:
                                          - Lester Park, 61st Ave. E. and Superior St.
           - Riverside Park, 55 Cato St.

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