Parks & Recreation

Enger Golf Course Renovation


Project Status: Construction

Project Overview:

In 2018, a golf course architectural assessment of Duluth's public courses was conducted to identity issues and help prioritize future projects. Potential improvements were categorized into critical, competitive and comprehensive. In December 2020, the Public Golf Committee approved a motion to focus on Enger's ten critical improvements-those improvements which are in greatest need of being addressed and would play the most significant role in reducing repairs and on-going maintenance and in increasing revenue through increased daily fee rounds. A large portion of the the critical items includes a new irrigation system and irrigation pond. Other items include course drainage improvements, fairway and bunker renovations, a clubhouse renovation and possible driving range relocation due to housing development. These renovations will be financed entirely by golf revenues, golf asset sales, sponsorship, and community donations.

Project Update:

The Enger Park Golf Course Renovation Plan was approved by the Parks & Recreation Commission on September 15, 2021 and by City Council on September 27, 2021.

Enger Park Golf Course renovation Phase 1a items have completed final design, including a new irrigation system, irrigation pond, improvements to fairways, and potential minimal restoration of Buckingham Creek. Phase 1a is planned to start in the Fall of 2023 with the excavation of the irrigation storage pond. The irrigation system will be installed in 2024. Should minimal restoration of Buckingham Creek and the fairways occur, the work will coincide with the 2024 schedule.

In 2023, Enger Park Golf Course will be open with 27 holes through at least Labor Day. Lester Park Golf Course will not be open in 2023. A determination of 2024 operations at either Lester Park Golf Course with 18 holes or Enger Park Golf Course with 18 holes minimum will be based on a combination of construction and irrigation project bid results and operational revenue/loss projections of the golf program during 2023 and 2024. City Council adopted a 2023 budget that includes expenses for minimal maintenance at Lester Park Golf Course. A 2024 operation model decision has not yet been made.

Prior Golf Course study and findings documents related to Duluth Public Golf are available at:

Funding Source:

There is a target of $4 million in abatement bonding and an additional $1.5 million in American Rescue Plan funds. In total, this amounts to $5.5 million towards anticipated operating losses and renovation costs during 2023 and 2024.



Enger Golf Course

Open for play through at least Labor Day weekend.

Construction anticipated mid-September.

Lester Golf Course

Closed for golf play, minimal agronomy maintenance continues.

Low-impact leisure allowed on some areas of the grounds.



Enger Golf Course

Under construction, TBD if 18 holes open and range open for play.

Lester Golf Course

TBD if 18 holes and range open for play.



Enger Golf Course

Initial construction phase complete, 27 holes and range open for play.

Lester Golf Course

Permanently closed.