Parks & Recreation

Hartley Pond & Tischer Creek Feasibility Study


Project Status: Planning

Project Overview:

The City of Duluth and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are collaborating to conduct a Feasibility Study of Hartley Pond and Tischer Creek. A feasibility study is an evaluation, usually done by engineers, that establishes if the conditions are right to implement a particular project. 

The purpose of this Study is to evaluate the proposed options to improve the aesthetics, aquatic habitat, and recreational values of Hartley Pond, while also mitigating the temperature and sediment impairments that are negatively impacting Tischer Creek, one of Duluth’s designated trout streams. The hydrologic storage capacity of the pond is also a consideration in the Study.

The findings of the Study and input from the public will be used by the Parks and Recreation Commission, Natural Resources Commission, and Duluth City Council to determine future actions regarding Tischer Creek and Hartley Pond.

Conducting a Feasibility Study for Hartley Pond is identified in the 2014 Hartley Park Master Plan, the 2019 Hartley Natural Area Management Plan under the Duluth Natural Areas Program, and the 2022 Essential Spaces: Duluth Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails Plan.

Project Update:

The first of three informational meetings about the Feasibility Study was held on February 23, 2023 at Hartley Nature Center. The meeting included a presentation about the schedule and approach of the Study and the proposed alternatives. Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with City staff, DNR staff, and GEI, the consultant developing the Study. A copy of the slides used in the presentation is available in the Important Documents section below. 

Additional meetings are expected to take place in mid-summer 2023 and late fall 2023 as the Study progresses.