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The activities made possible by this initiative will welcome youth from all across Duluth to learn the basics of mountain biking or biking in general. By providing quality equipment and certified instruction, this project aims to get youth outside, active, and introduce them to a sport that typically has high barriers to participation like cost of equipment.

Here are a couple of the activities we are leading this summer; we will also be providing activities to a few local youth serving agencies as part of their summer youth programming:

Learn to Ride!

Learn to Ride events are one the Youth on Trails programs, and will teach youth about the world of mountain biking through a few different activities and topics. Topics may include instruction on basic mountain biking skills from a certified instructor and practicing biking skills in different activities, drills, and challenges; learning basic bike maintenance skills and fixes like how to clean your bike, how to inflate a tire, and how to put a chain back on; and learning and practicing bike safety skills for riding anywhere, including in your neighborhood.

Youth of any biking ability level are welcome. Youth will be split by age and/or biking experience for small group activities.

Each event will consist of a 90-minute session for registered youth. Register at or call 218-730-4306 for assistance

Ages: 6-16

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