Parks & Recreation

Spirit Landing


Project Status: Planning

Project Overview:

The Western Waterfront Park & Trail Mini-Master Plan includes recommendations for 5 public water access points along the St. Louis River Estuary, one of which is the new Lower Spirit Mt Riverfront Park. The multiple delays in the planning process over the last year have imposed challenges for other City Departments who has been awaiting the passage of this Mini-Master Plan in preparation for determining the terminus of the new public road construction of Kayak Bay Drive. The City’s state, county and private partners need to know, where does the road terminate? 

The 10 acre site is located on the lower side of Grand Avenue opposite of Warwick Street, the entrance Grand Avenue Chalet, part of the larger Spirit Mountain recreation area. The site sits below the BNSF Railroad and is made up county forfeit land and private land. The site has approximately 1,500 ft. of shoreline to the St. Louis River. The site is opposite of Tallus Island.

Project Update:

Spirit Mountain Site Plan was approved by City Council February 26, 2018. 


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