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Grassy Point

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Project Overview:

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and the Minnesota Land Trust (MLT) completed a habitat restoration project as part of the Lower St. Louis River Area of Concern Remedial Action Plan. The primary objectives for this Project were to restore and enhance native riparian forest and emergent wetland vegetation communities, and control populations of exotic invasive plant species at Grassy Point. The project included some improvements to the City’s existing trails at Grassy Point.

Project Update:

The project included:

  1. Site preparation and planting 9 acres of forest and shrub habitat on Grassy Point Island Unit
  2. Excavation and seeding of 2.7 acres hemi-marsh wetland features in Grassy Point East Unit
  3. Forest thinning, invasive plant removal and native tree planting over 8 acres in Grassy Point West Unit
  4. Seeding 12 acres of submersed aquatic vegetation in Grassy Point East, West and Island Units.
  5. Construction of up to 1800 LF public access trails in Grassy Point West Unit.
  6. 1-year performance period for all tree and shrub plantings.


Any questions regarding this project may be directed to Daryl Peterson, Director of Restoration Programs, Minnesota Land Trust, at 218-722-1416 or