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Lakewalk Transportation & Resiliency Improvements


Project Status: Design

Project Overview:

The Lakewalk has experienced damage from past storm events and will experience future damage unless the City acts to ensure its long-term resiliency by mitigating the impacts of future storm events.  The Lakewalk Transportation & Resiliency Improvement project spans the corner of the Lake to 28th Avenue East and will include shoreline restoration and enhancements, trail relocation and reconstruction, ADA accessibility improvements, including a bypass trail adjacent to Leif Erikson Park, improved wayfinding and connections between downtown and the Lakewalk, and implementation of eight pause areas.

A broad overview map of the project scope is available in the Important Documents section below.

Project Update:

Planning for the Lakewalk Renewal was completed in December 2021. Funding for final design and construction has been secured. 

Final design for the project will begin in 2024. Depending on progress, it is anticipated that construction could begin in 2025.

Funding Source:

In July 2023, the City of Duluth was awarded an $8.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) to support Lakewalk transportation and resiliency improvements.

In November 2023, the City of Duluth was also awarded a grant of $2.05 million from the Minnesota Department of Transportation Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Technical Assistance Program.

Additional project support includes $2 million from city bonding that was designated for storm repair.

Important Documents:

02-23-23 RAISE Lakewalk Project Scope Map

06-26-23 Final Lakewalk Interpretive Plan

10-07-21 Lakewalk – Brighton Resiliency Pre-Design Concepts Preliminary Draft

October 7, 2021 Virtual Public Meeting Recording