Parks & Recreation

Harbor Plaza/Baywalk/Seawall


Project Status: Construction

Project Overview:

The seawall along the DECC waterfront has suffered deterioration and storm damage and is in need of significant rehabilitation. A segment of the Baywalk trail and Harbor Drive are also impacted by the seawall deterioration. This waterfront area is expected to be the terminal for the growing cruise ship industry, and a redesign of the public spaces between the seawall and the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center is necessary.

The City of Duluth, with the help of qualified consultant team, created a plan for improvements to the seawall and adjacent public areas starting at Minnesota slip (Blue pedestrian bridge) to Pier B. This project has incorporated significant stakeholder and public engagement. In addition to the seawall and cruise ship infrastructure, the plan created a waterfront redesign, including alternatives to Harbor Drive functionality, access to the DECC and public spaces, programmable areas to be utilized by the public, stakeholders and the DECC, Baywalk design and amenities, and other identified stakeholder and community needs.

This project will create and define a new Harbor Plaza area by reimagining the use and function of the waterfront and Harbor Drive between the Minnesota Slip Bridge and Bayfront Festival Park. The final conceptual design for the project is available in the "Important Documents" section below.

Project Update:

The City of Duluth has completed the final design phase of the project for the replacement of the damaged seawall and aging infrastructure along the waterfront behind the DECC. Design features include accommodations for the Great Lakes cruise ship industry, more intentional resting spaces, and improved walking and gathering areas.

The final conceptual design for the project is available in the Important Documents section below.

Funding Source:

  • 2020 State Bond Funding
  • Federal EDA Grant for Cruise Ship Terminal


Construction began in fall of 2023 and is expected to be completed by fall 2025.