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Coastal Infrastructure Resilience


Project Status: Planning

Project Overview:

Portions of the Lake Superior shoreline and associated infrastructure have been damaged as a result of major storm events and ongoing natural erosional processes. In response to these changes, the Coastal Infrastructure and Resilience Research and Development project objectives are to demonstrate economically feasible methods for reducing shoreline erosion and to provide recommendations for preserving existing assets along the lakeshore. The project areas include Duluth's North Shore and the Park Point Recreation Area. 

Project Update:

The feasibility studies, linked in the 'Important Documents' section below, identify and evaluate potential mitigation measures for vulnerable shoreline areas and infrastructure to provide the City of Duluth and St. Louis County with practical solutions to address shoreline erosion, bank failures, and corresponding infrastructure risks.

Funding Source:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advance Assistance Hazard Mitigation grant, administered through Minnesota's Department of Public Safety, of $285,977.25. Match for the grant comes from the City of Duluth Disaster Recovery Fund and St. Louis County.

Project Partners:

St. Louis County