Parks & Recreation

Lakewalk Improvement Project


Project Status: Planning

Project Overview:

The Lakewalk has experienced damage from recent storm events and will experience future damage unless the City acts to ensure its long-term resiliency by mitigating the impacts of future events.   The City of Duluth, with the help of a qualified  landscape architecture firm and coastal engineering firm, will create a plan for improvements to the Lakewalk starting at Endion Station through Brighton Beach, that will ensure it’s long-term sustainability and resiliency.   This project will include shoreline enhancements, potential trail relocation and reconstruction, improved access to shoreline beaches, replacement of non-native plant species, review of lighting and other safety features.   

During construction, the Lakewalk will need to be closed for all uses and users in this section, possibly in stages.  Check back here for updates. 

Project Update:

We have issued an RFP for consulting firms and expect to kick of the project in April or May of 2021.

Funding Source:

2020 State Bond Funding


Planning to be completed by November, 2021. Construction is anticipated to begin Fall of 2021 and completed by December of 2022.