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Lakewalk-Brighton Beach Resiliency Project


Project Status: Design

Project Overview:

The Lakewalk and Brighton Beach have experienced damage from recent storm events and will experience future damage unless the City acts to ensure its long-term resiliency by mitigating the impacts of future events. The City of Duluth, with the help of a qualified landscape architecture firm and coastal engineering firm, will create a plan for improvements to the Lakewalk, starting at Endion Station and through Brighton Beach, that will ensure it’s long-term sustainability and resiliency.   This project will include shoreline enhancements, potential trail relocation and reconstruction, improved access to shoreline beaches, replacement of non-native plant species, review of lighting and other safety features.   

During construction, the Lakewalk and Brighton Beach will need to be closed for all uses and users in this section, possibly in stages.  Check back here for updates. 

Project Update:

The City has contracted with LHB as a Landscape Architecture Firm and AMI Consulting Engineers as Coastal Engineer. Planning for the Lakewalk Renewal and Brighton Beach Resiliency Plan was completed in December, 2021. We are now in the process of creating final designs and construction documents for a portion of the Lakewalk (Endion Station to Fitgers and ADA re-routes near 21st-26th Ave. E.) and all of Brighton Beach.  City Engineering is in charge of the final Brighton Beach road design, and we must first complete an Environmental Assessment before we can begin construction.

Final designs and construction timeline for the Lakewalk from Fitgers to 20th Ave E are to be determined, but slated for 2023-2024.    



Final Park Design and Bidding:  In-progress, final design expected to be completed by May 15, 2022, bidding to follow.

Final Road Design and Bidding:  Design completed in fall of 2022, bidding in winter 2023. 

Construction:  Brighton Beach shoreline improvements and park areas are anticipated to begin in summer/fall of 2022 and be completed in summer of 2023.  The new Brighton Beach Road is expected to be constructed in 2023.  Brighton Beach and Lakewalk will need to be closed during construction.

LAKEWALK (Endion Station to Fitgers and ADA improvements between 21st and 26th Ave E.):

Final Design and Bidding:  Final design expected to be completed by May 15, 2022, bidding to follow.

Construction:  Anticipated to begin in mid- to late summer 2022 and be completed in Spring of 2023.

LAKEWALK (Lakewalk from Fitgers to 20th Ave E)

Final design and construction schedule TBD.

Important Documents:

Lakewalk – Brighton Resiliency Preliminary Draft PDF from October 7 Public Meeting

October 7 Virtual Public Meeting Recording