Parks & Recreation

Brighton Beach


Project Status: Construction

Project Overview:

The Brighton Beach (Kitchi Gammi Park) Mini-Master Plan was updated and adopted in August, 2019. The plan calls for extension of the Lakewalk, relocation of the road away from the shoreline, and restoration of the shoreline to better endure Lake Superior storms.

Project Update:

The Brighton Beach (Kitchi Gammi Park) trail construction was completed in October 2021, and the park is now opened for paddlers, cyclists and pedestrians only.

Motor vehicle access to the park, including parking, will not be restored until the road reconstruction project has been completed in the spring of 2023. Until then, the only access to the park will be via the Lakewalk trail extension and Lake Superior. Patrons are asked to park vehicles at Lester Park or the public lot near the sky-blue tourist information hut. Parking is not permitted in front of the trail gates or along London Road.

Brighton Beach will need to close in its entirety (including the Lakewalk) again in spring of 2022 for shoreline restoration, followed by construction and installation of new park amenities. Due to upcoming short- and long-term closures for construction, there will be no events, programming or reservations allowed at Brighton Beach until spring of 2023 at the earliest.

Construction projects at Brighton Beach (Kitchi Gammi Park) are expected to be completed in Spring of 2023. Tentative schedule for construction elements are subject to change as follows:

  • October 2021: Park re-open for bicycle and pedestrian use on completed Lakewalk extension. Access via Lakewalk and Lake Superior, only.
  • Spring 2022: Park closes in its entirety (including water, Lakewalk, and trail access) through the duration of construction, likely spring 2023.
  • Spring 2023: Park re-opens for all users, with motor vehicle access and parking. Park facilities may be reserved for events and programming.