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What requires a plumbing permit?

This list of common projects is not a complete list of work that requires a permit. Find more information on when a permit is required.

Type of Work  Other Permits Required
New bathrooms in new or existing residential and commercial buildings Building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing
Relocate existing fixtures, such as a toilet, sink, dishwasher, or water heater Plumbing, mechanical, gas piping, and electrical as applicable
Install new or replace gas water heater Gas piping, mechanical and plumbing, including verification by inspection of chimney lining and termination
Install new electric water heater Electrical, mechanical and plumbing
Install new sump pump Electrical and plumbing
Install clean-out in building sewer Plumbing
Replace interior water service piping Plumbing
Replace exterior sewer piping Plumbing
Replace exterior sewer or water service Plumbing
Repair leak in exterior underground water or sewer pipe Plumbing


  • Replace plumbing fixtures in the same location
  • Repair a leak in a water pipe
  • Thaw frozen pipes
  • Unplug a sewer
  • Replace a water faucet
  • Repair a leak in a water closet

Licensed plumbing, heating, and electrical contractors are required if you do not own and occupy the single family dwelling where the work is to be done. Find more information regarding necessary licensing and bonding

A person who owns and occupies the single family dwelling or a MN State Licensed Plumbing Contractor is permitted to do interior plumbing work in a single family dwelling.

Outside plumbing work must be done by a MN State Bonded Plumber with Pipe layers Card OR MN State Licensed Plumbing Contractor

When plumbing plan review is required, review and approval is required prior to issuance of the plumbing permit. No work may begin until the plumbing permit is issued.

  • For all hospitals, nursing homes, supervised living facilities, free-standing outpatient surgical centers, correctional facilities, boarding care homes, or residential hospices, and similar state-licensed facilities; 
  • Public buildings which are owned and paid for by the state or a state agency regardless of cost, and school district building projects or charter school building projects regardless of cost must be submitted to DLI; and
  • Projects of a special nature, including dialysis facilities and other projects for which a department plan review is requested by either the municipality or the state, must be submitted to our agency.

Submit plans for MN DOLI review directly to DOLI. For more information on MN DOLI. MN DOLI will notify CSI when plumbing plans are approved.

For all other commercial and multifamily residential buildings with more than 25 fixture openings.

Submit plans for CSI review to Construction Services with the plumbing permit application.

Inspections must be requested prior to any work being covered within the walls, ceilings, floors or earth. Some common inspections are the rough in, the air test, under floor plumbing, outside water and sewer service inspections.  For other inspections that may be required, please refer to the permit card. An example Permit Card can be found here.

Plumbing permits sometimes require multiple inspections, including a final inspection. Failure to call for inspections is a violation of the building code and could trigger enforcement action. Inspection records are public information, and are often requested at the point of property sale.

Inspections are scheduled by phone. Click here for information about scheduling inspections. Plumbing inspectors’ contact information can be found here.