Construction Services & Inspections

Regulating Codes, Rules, and Ordinances

Here we have gathered information about many of the codes, rules and ordinances administered by Construction Services & Inspections or related to buildings and property.

New Code Now in Effect

The Minnesota State building code is available on the Department of Labor and Industry's

The following chapters make up the State Building Code

1300 Minnesota Building Code Administration;

1301 Building Official Certification;

1302 State Building Code Construction Approvals;

1303 Special Provisions;

1305 Minnesota Building Code;

1306, Special Fire Protection Systems (optional, not adopted in Duluth);

1307 Elevators and Related Devices;

1309 Minnesota Residential Code;

1311 Minnesota Conservation Code for Existing Buildings;

1315 Minnesota Electrical Code;

1325 Solar Energy Systems;

1335 Floodproofing Regulations;

1341 Minnesota Accessibility Code;

1346 Minnesota Mechanical Code;

1350 Manufactured Homes;

1360 Prefabricated Structures;

1361 Industrialized/Modular Buildings;

1370 Storm Shelters (Manufactured Home Parks);

4715 Minnesota Plumbing Code;

1322 and 1323 Minnesota Energy Codes; and

5230 Minnesota High Pressure Piping Systems

Ordinances are part of the Duluth Legislative Code

Duluth’s zoning code is the Unified Development Code and is Chapter 50 of the Legislative Code.  This is administered by Planning, Engineering and Construction Services.

Construction Services is responsible for administration of most of DLC Chapter 10 Buildings, which includes, among other things, adoption of the MN building code, procedures for condemnation for demolition and the building appeals board.

Housing, property maintenance and rental licensing is DLC Chapter 29A and is administered by the Life Safety Division, which is part of the Fire Department.  DLC Ch 29A adopts the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). 

Abandoned property and inoperable vehicles is DLC Chapter 30 and is also administered by the Life Safety Division.

Fire Escrow

Duluth does withhold fire escrow funds in accordance with MN Statute 65A.50 Trust or escrow accounts; Insured Real Property Fire or Explosion Loss Proceeds, which can be accessed at the MN Revisor’s web page.

Architect and Engineer Licensing Regulations

Rules for licensing of design professionals are in MN Rules Chapter 1800, Licensing and Operation Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design, which can be accessed at the MN Revisor’s web page.  To look up a name to determine license status, go to the AELSAGID web page where there is a license look up tool.

Contractor Licensing Regulations

The best way to access contractor licensing regulations is on the Department of Labor and Industry Construction Codes and Licensing Division website. The site includes a search tool to look up licensed contractors and building officials.