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Revising Plans After a Permit is Issued

For Projects Designed by an Architect or Engineer
We realize your project may have modifications from the approved plan set. In order to consistently and efficiently review changes to a plan after the permit has been issued, we have developed a process for submittal, review, and response. Revisions to approved plans must be prepared and certified by the design professional prior to submittal for code review. Until an approval is received, the revision is not considered accepted, and work affected by these changes may not be started.

Fill out the Plan Change Submittal Form, attach supporting documents for the requested change and email to 

Plan Change Submittal Form

The submittal form and scaled drawings may be submitted to us electronically, or, if you prefer, on two full sized hard copies along with the plan change form delivered to Construction Services. If needed, your plans examiner may request additional information or hard copies upon reviewing the documentation. 

Your plans examiner will review the submitted changes and comment back to the design professional. Once the plan change is approved by the plans examiner and stamped documents are on site available for the inspector, work may commence. Our goal is to review plan changes within 3 - 5 business days, to help keep your project on track. 

Questions regarding the submittal process may be directed to or call 218-730-5240.