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Construction Services Fees

In accordance with MN Rules Section 1300.0160, permit valuations shall include total value of all construction work, including materials and labor, for which the permit is being issued.  Permit valuation shall be set by the building official. Building permit and plan review fees are calculated in accordance with Duluth Legislative Code Chapter 31. Surcharge fees are calculated in accordance with Minnesota Statute 326B.148.

City Fee Schedule

Permit Fee Refund Policy

Except for 1 & 2 family dwellings, IRC townhouses and residential accessory buildings, the applicant for a permit shall provide an estimated job value at time of application.

Valuations for 1 & 2 family dwellings, IRC townhouses and residential accessory buildings are calculated using the current valuation table.

A plan review fee is applicable when plan review is required, with the exceptions of decks and garages. Plan review fees for commercial and 3+ family residential projects with a valuation over $250,000 are payable at the time of permit application, and the plan review for these projects will not begin until the plan review fees are paid. Plan review fees for all 1 & 2 family residential and for commercial projects with a valuation less than $250,000 are payable at the time the permit is issued. Plan review fees are not refundable once the review has started. The plan review fee is equal to 65% of the permit fee.

In addition to regular permit fees, fees for work without permits are payable in accordance with Duluth Legislative Code Section 10-2 and MN State Building Code Section 1300.0160, resulting in a double permit fee.

If you've been notified that your permit is ready and fees are due, you can pay online using the instructions:

Permit Fee Calculator

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Building Permit Fees
Plan Review Fees (as applicable)


Flat Fees

Building/Wrecking Permit Fees for Existing 1 & 2 Family Residences
Residential Solar PV Install when no other structural construction work is needed $65.38
Demolition/Razing Wrecking - 1 or 2 Family Dwelling $207.01
Demolition/Razing Wrecking - Residential Accessory Bldg up to 1,500 Square Feet $67.92
Backflow Preventer Testing 
Administrative fee for required backflow preventer test program maintenance $43.19
HVAC Permit Fees for Existing 1 & 2 Family Residences 
Gas Fireplaces $70.51
Level 1  
Existing 1 & 2 Family HVAC Flat Permit Fee     $70.51
Air Conditioner install & miscellaneous work. 
Level 2  
Existing 1 & 2 Family Replace Boiler or Forced Air Furnace Flat Permit Fee (per furnace or boiler) $186.35
Boiler or furnace replacement only. 
Level 3  
Existing 1 & 2 Family Entire System Replacement, Boiler or Forced   $226.89
New or replacement forced air furnace or boiler systems and additional ductwork or piping.
Water Heater Permit Fee for Existing 1 & 2 Family Residences 
Existing 1 & 2 Family New or Replacement Water Heaters  $58.50
Electrical Permit Fees for Existing 1 & 2 Family Residences 
Residential Solar PV Install up to 10,000 watts $65.38
Residential Solar PV Install over 10,000 watts $129.75
Single Circuit for Water Heater, Fireplace, Sump Pump, Radon Fan, & AC $58.50