Construction Services & Inspections


All electrical work, excluding minor repair work requires an electrical permit.

Minor repair work. Minor repair work is defined as the adjustment, repair or replacement of worn or defective electrical equipment parts, and the replacement of defective receptacle outlets and manual switches for lighting control.

Licensed plumbing, heating, and electrical contractors are required if you do not own and occupy the single family dwelling where the work is to be done. Find more information regarding necessary licensing and bonding.

Electrical work in a single family dwelling 

A person who owns and occupies the single family dwelling is permitted to do work on the dwelling, excluding work on an electrical service equipment, or a Licensed Electrician employed by a MN Licensed Electrical Contractor can do electrical work.

This allows someone to wire a new or vacant house under a homeowner’s permit as long as they intend to occupy it on completion of the work (MN Stat 326B.31, Subd. 23). It is illegal for an owner to install electrical wiring on mobile homes or property that is rented, leased, or occupied by others.

Work in residential buildings with two or more dwelling units or non-residential (commercial) buildings

Electrical work in buildings other than owner-occupied single family dwellings may only be done by a Master Electrician working for a MN Licensed Electrical Contractor

Calculate permit costs by using the Permit and Plan Review Fee Calculator here.

Inspections must be requested prior to any work being covered within the walls, ceilings, floors or earth. Some common inspections are the rough in, the trench, ground work, and electrical services. For other inspections that may be required, please refer to the permit card. An example of a permit card can be found here.

Electrical permits sometimes require multiple inspections, including a final inspection. Failure to call for inspections is a violation of the building code and could trigger enforcement action. Inspection records are public information, and are often requested at the point of property sale.

Inspections are scheduled by phone. Click here for information about scheduling inspections. Electrical inspectors’ contact information can be found here.