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Commercial HVAC and Mechanical Permits, Review & Inspections

In order to maximize the efficiency of HVAC inspections and reduce the need for costly required changes in the field to correct code non-compliances, we have established the following requirements for HVAC plans, permits and inspections.

For Multi-Family Residential (More Than Three Units) and Commercial HVAC/Mechanical Work

Plans prepared by a Minnesota licensed mechanical engineer must be submitted at the time of HVAC/mechanical permit application. The design professional in responsible charge must approve mechanical plans for compatibility with other work prior to submittal. Plans will be reviewed for compliance with the Minnesota State Building Code prior to issuance of the HVAC/mechanical permit. More detailed information can be found here. You will need to submit the HVAC Commercial Intake Checklist with the mechanical plans.

Commercial HVAC work may not begin until the HVAC permit has been issued. Inspections for commercial HVAC work will not be scheduled until the HVAC permit is issued. Click here for a handy flow chart describing the process from application to start of HVAC work.

Permit applications and plans are to be submitted to the permit counter in the Construction Services & Inspections office.

For permit applications submitted online via eTRAKiT, full sized plans must be submitted to the Construction Services office. Online HVAC permit applications for commercial projects will not be processed until plans are submitted. Plans uploaded via the online permit system have been determined to be illegible and inadequate for plan review so will not be accepted in lieu of full sized plans.

Do you need a Type I or II Hood?

When domestic cooking appliances are used in commercial buildings, Type I or II hoods are required in accordance with amended Minnesota Mechanical Code Section 507. We have a helpful worksheet here to help you understand what type of hood the code will require for your project.

Commercial Hood Suppression Systems

You’ll find information about Commercial Hood Suppression Systems here.

Call us with any questions about HVAC/mechanical plan requirements, and we will put you in contact with one of our HVAC inspectors.