Construction Services & Inspections

About Inspections


Minnesota’s building code applies to all components of building construction, including plumbing, mechanical work, electrical work, and how buildings are designed, arranged, and built. Inspections are required for all work that requires a permit. Inspections help to ensure that the work is done in compliance with applicable codes and consistent with plans, keeping people safe where they live, work and play, and keeping buildings and property safe, durable, accessible, and energy efficient.


When a permit is issued, inspector contact information will be provided. For most projects, an inspection card will be provided which must be posted at the job site. The inspection card explains at what points of the project an inspection is needed. The card will indicate which inspections must be completed and approved prior to moving onto the next phase of the project.

For simple projects, if the inspector can see clearly that the work complies when the project is complete, only a final inspection is required. Contact the inspector with any question about what inspections are required and when.

Final Inspections

Minnesota’s building code requires that a final inspection be made for all work for which a permit is issued. Approval at a final inspection is required prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Scheduling Inspections

All inspections must be requested 24-hours prior to the desired inspection time. If an inspection is requested less than 24-hours in advance, the inspector will try to accommodate requests as scheduling and staffing allows.

Inspectors’ name and contact information will be listed on the permit. You can also find that information on our inspector areas map. If the inspector does not pick up when you call, he or she may be on another line, driving, or at another inspection, so leave a voice mail message. When requesting an inspection, please specify the following:

  • Address for which the work is being conducted.
  • Permit number.
  • Applicant Name.
  • Inspection type that is being requested.
  • Phone number.

Inspectors can typically be reached between 7am and 4pm, Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.