Construction Services & Inspections

Agency Requests for Code Compliance Verification (CSARQ)

Construction Services Agency Requests (CSARQ)

Construction Services and the Zoning Coordinator will research and respond to inquiries requested from the applicant to supply other government agencies with information.  We will verify compliance with the building and/or zoning codes for buildings or spaces where programs regulated by other government agencies are proposed.

City of Duluth staff will research the zoning and determine whether the proposed use is permitted in the zone district and will research the last approved use of the building or space in Construction Services’ records and, based on information provided about the proposed program, determine whether the proposed use is currently allowed according to building code criteria.

The person responsible for the program or business shall submit the completed Agency Requests for Code Verification (CSARQ) Application, a complete description or floor plan indicating where the program to be researched will be located, the required fee and a copy of any paperwork needing to be filled out from the governing agency requesting the information, to our department.

Results of Staff Determination

If the program/facility meets code and zoning requirements the form will be completed by the Plans Examiner and/or Zoning Coordinator and emailed to all contacts on the application form.

If the program/facility does not meet the code & zoning requirements, the researcher will supply information on the steps needed to be taken by the applicant to allow the program/facility.

  • A change of occupancy with no work will generally require a MN licensed architect to prepare and certify a code summary for the building and a simple floor plan of the program/facility space for the change of use permit. This permit must be issued, inspected finaled with a C of O or Letter of Completion before the program can occupy the space.
  • If work is required to achieve compliance or is proposed in the building or space, a MN licensed architect must provide full plans and a code summary for the work. Permits, plan review and inspections must be completed and the work finaled with a C of O or Letter of Completion prior to use of the space.

New construction or changes of use require that a certificate of occupancy or letter of completion be issued prior to full use of the space.

Timeline and Information Required at Time of Request

Construction Services and/or Planning staff will complete the interagency requests for compliance verification form and return it to all emails provided on the CSARQ Application.

Construction Services aims to begin processing these research projects within three days of receipt of all paperwork & fees. The timeline to complete the research and the form will vary depending on the information available in Construction Services’ records and the program information provided.