Love Your Block

Love Your Block

The City of Duluth received a Cities of Service Love Your Block grant to build relationships between residents and the city to improve neighborhoods. The aim is to foster collaborative caretaking of public spaces and of our neighbors. 

The Love Your Block model encourages innovation and experimentation to reduce blight through resident and government partnership. After only seven months, Love Your Block has already made a positive impact in our community. Residents and city staff focused resources on cleaning up public and private spaces, adding garden beds to gathering spaces, repairing fences and steps, resurfacing a playground, painting murals, and encouraging neighbors to envision the future together.

Additionally, communication and collaboration has occurred in new ways across city divisions, between neighbors, and among non-profit organizations. The Love Your Block program will continue through 2023, with on-going reflection on lessons learned and ways that city systems and residents can better partner at a neighborhood level.

In 2022…

Year to date the Love Your Block program, project leaders, community partners, and donors have invested more than $18,000 across thirteen project sites in Lincoln Park and Central Hillside. Additional measurement of outcomes and learnings will be shared in the coming months. 

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City of Duluth - Life Safety

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