Love Your Block

Love Your Block

The City of Duluth received a Cities of Service Love Your Block grant to build relationships between residents and the city to improve neighborhoods. The aim is to foster collaborative caretaking of public spaces and of our neighbors. The Love Your Block model encourages innovation and experimentation to reduce blight through resident and government partnership. 

In 2022, the Love Your Block program, project leaders, community partners, and donors invested more than $18,000 across Lincoln Park and Central Hillside. Additionally, communication and collaboration has occurred in new ways across city divisions, between neighbors, and among non-profit organizations. 

In 2023, Love Your Block continues with workshops about neighborhood level topics, mini-grants for gatherings, clean-ups, and small neighborhood improvement projects, and volunteer opportunities. 

Love Your Block 2023 Kick-off Event

March 21, 2023 – 6 – 8 pm

Harrison Community Center

Join us to share your thoughts about neighborhood level needs, get information about upcoming Love Your Block events, workshop your mini-grant idea, sign-up as a LYB volunteer and connect with neighbors.

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Sarah Erickson
Love Your Block Fellow
City of Duluth - Life Safety

Annika Frazer
Love Your Block VISTA
City of Duluth - Life Safety