Love Your Block

Love Your Block

The City of Duluth received a Cities of Service Love Your Block grant to build relationships between residents and the city to improve neighborhoods. The aim is to foster collaborative caretaking of public spaces and of our neighbors. 

Since 2009, Cities of Service has helped nearly 50 cities implement Love Your Block. More than 26,000 community members have revitalized over 3,500 community spaces, creating nearly 750 art displays, cleaning 98,000 square feet of graffiti, removing 6 million pounds of trash, and much more.

In 2022, mini-grants of up to $1,500 are available in Duluth for resident-led volunteer efforts. The proposed projects must contribute to eliminating blight, building neighbor relationships, and improving the health and safety of people and environment in Lincoln Park and/or Central Hillside. 

These projects could look like neighborhood clean ups (e.g. trash pick-up, trimming overgrown plants), installing public art, creating solutions to reduce abandoned waste (e.g. couches in vacant lots and greenspaces), or repurposing vacant lots as active community spaces. Approximately 8-10 mini-grants will be awarded in 2022.

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City of Duluth - Life Safety

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