Police Department

Response to Aggression & Resistance Report

To fulfill the Duluth Police Department's commitment of transparency, the Response to Aggression and Resistance Report (left below report) will detail our response to aggression and resistance in 2020 and 2021. This report will map out comparative data detailing how often officers used force, why force was used, call types where force was used, and racial demographics for those involved in use of force incidents. 

The incident data and summary of each use of force incident in 2020 and 2021 (right below image) is an in-depth synopsis explaining each call for service where force was used, and what lead up to force being used. In this excel document, you are encouraged to go to each file number in the 'from master' sheet and then go to the 'summary' sheet which explains the use of force incident each file number corresponds with. 

Releasing the Response to Aggression and Resistance Report, the first of its kind at DPD, is done so to provide our citizens with a comprehensive report detailing police use of force at the Duluth Police Department. 

Click the images below to review the report and data.