Police Department

Animal Control

The City of Duluth Animal Control Division is committed to the responsible care of animals. To assist in this effort we provide the following services:

Lost and Found Pets

If a lost or found pet is placed in our care, we will hold the animal for five days. If the animal is not claimed within that five-day period and is adoptable, it will be transferred to a local shelter and put up for adoption.

To check if your animal is in our care, please call:

Shelter: 218-723-3259

On-Duty Cell Phone: 218-390-2256

Domestic Animal Issues

Aggressive animals – Please call us to report a domestic animal attack.

Deceased domestic animal – If a domestic animal is found deceased on a city street, boulevard, or sidewalk, please call us and we will remove it from the area.

Leash Law Enforcement

It is illegal in the city of Duluth for an animal to be unleashed in public spaces. If cited, you could face a $200 fine. With hundreds of miles of trails and thousands of acres of parkland, Duluth is a very animal-friendly city. However, we enforce leash laws to ensure everyone can enjoy our public parks. We also enforce the law for the safety of the animal. Unleashed animals are likely to run out into traffic, get attacked by another animal, or bite someone.

Click here to read the official leash law language and to see if your animal qualifies for an exemption. 

Additional Information:

For all reports concerning pests, such as rats, please call a local pest control agency.

For all calls concerning the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, please call Wildwoods at 218-491-3604.

For all calls concerning deceased wild animals, please call City of Duluth Animal Control at 218-723-3259.