Police Department

Racial Bias Audit

The Duluth Police Department has a long history of progressive and innovative policing. We are the international model for Domestic Abuse response, we participated in the first Institutional Analysis with Mending the Sacred Hoop over ten years ago and are currently doing so again, which helps us be a leader in our response to crime involving victims from our Indigenous community. DPD was an early adopter of a victim-centered approach to policing, one of the first agencies to adopt a body-worn camera program, and a leader in how we approach the mental health and substance abuse crises in our community with our CORE (Mental Health Unit) and SURT (Substance Use Response Team) teams. These are just a few highlights of our long history of leadership in service to our community. This constant commitment to learning and improvement is critical to our organization and something to be proud of.

The Racial Bias Audit will build on this commitment of learning and innovation by delving into our hiring practices, policies, procedures, calls for service, training, retention, how we interact with our BIPOC community and how they interact with their police department, the role of the Civilian Review Board and its efficacy, use of force, traffic stops, and more. It will review best practices, provide input on where we are excelling, and where we need to improve, and provide recommendations based on best practices and research that will help us fulfill our mission.

Our Racial Bias Audit is a community lead project from the start.  We started our process by inviting participation from our commissions and groups representing unrepresented members of our community (African Heritage Commission, Citizen Review Board, Commission on Disabilities, Human Rights Commission, NQT2SLGBIA Commission, Indigenous Commission, NAACP, and the Duluth Community Safety Initiative).  This group of volunteers makes up our Racial Bias Audit Team. Together, they developed a Request for Proposal (RFP), reviewed all submitted proposals, created a selection process, and then selected the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) as the agency that would take on this project.

October 2022 was the start of the audit and our Racial Bias Audit Team is in the heart of this process by attending monthly meetings to discuss CJI’s focus and plan for the next month, provide input, discussion, and assistance.

As we move through this audit, feedback is encouraged and welcomed.  Members of the community can email the Duluth Police Department at police@duluthmn.gov, CJI at duluthaudit@cjinstitute.org, or the Racial Bias Audit Group at RBAT.Duluth@gmail.com.

Request for Proposal for Racial Bias Audit

Crime and Justice Institute Proposal

Agreement between CRJ and City of Duluth

Duluth Racial Bias Audit Workplan

November 2022 Update