Police Department

Stop Data

The Duluth Police Department began gathering stop data in Quarter 4 of 2021 and will continue to do so as a commitment to building trust through transparency with our community. Traffic and subject stops are an integral part of keeping our community safe and how these stops are conducted matters to those who live, work, and visit our city. This report is the first of its kind at DPD, and is being completed to provide our citizens with a comprehensive year-end stop data report. 

Stop data entries (right image) will be posted on the Duluth Police Department's website on a quarterly basis. The stop entry data comes from ‘stop data reporting’ which is entered by officers during a traffic stop, subject stop, or suspicious activity. Officers are required to complete a stop data form that has multiple mandatory fields including the subject’s race and gender. Chief Ceynowa emphasizes that “this information comes from the officer’s perceived perception of the subject’s race and gender. Race and gender information during a stop is not associated to an individual’s police department record unless they are arrested, a victim, or a suspect in a crime.”

An annual report of the stop data entries (left image) will also be completed explaining traffic and subject stops conducted by Duluth Police Officers.

You are encouraged to click on both images to review the information and data regarding stop data entries that were collected in 2022.

News Release: The Duluth Police Department Releases 2022 Stop Data Report