Police Department


Community policing is only successful if our partnerships are strong with citizens. That’s why the mission of the Duluth Police Department is:

”To provide a safe Duluth for all by strengthening relationships and serving in a respectful, caring, and selfless manner.”

From community organizations to the individuals who live in Duluth’s numerous neighborhoods, they are our eyes and ears and at the heart of our core beliefs:

  • We are a lifesaving organization.
  • We recognize that our authority comes from our social contract with the community.
  • People will believe that we are there to serve them if we are kind, caring, and compassionate, and our actions match our words.
  • People will trust us if they believe we are protecting their rights.
  • Every interaction leaves a lasting impression.
  • The safety of both our community and officers are paramount.

Professional Partnerships

We’re a busy department and sometimes the cases we work on involve outside agencies. We work closely with multiple different agencies, judicial, and advocacy partners including:

  • Louis County Attorney’s Office
  • Regional law enforcement agencies
  • FBI
  • ATF
  • DEA
  • BCA
  • IRS
  • Homeland Security
  • Mending the Sacred Hoop
  • Native Lives Matter Coalition

Maintaining strong professional relationships with outside agencies ensures each case we handle has a well-rounded, victim-centered approach.