Police Department

Community Officers

Community policing is at the heart of our organization.  Community officers are often out working with residents in their neighborhoods to build strong relationships with citizens. If you have neighborhood concerns, long-term issues, or community engagement to discuss, please use the guide below to get in touch with your neighborhood officer.  We try to spend as much time as we can to work with our community partners, so email is the preferred method of communication.

West Policing Area

Officer Phone Email Area
Lt. Ken Zwak 218-730-5691 Email  
Sergeant Mike Jambor 218-730-5467 Email  
Officer James Forsyth 218-730-5496 Email Lincoln Park, Riverside, Smithville, Morgan Park, Gary, New Duluth, Fon du Lac, Miller Hill, Duluth Heights, Piedmont Heights, Merritt, Denfeld, Spirit Valley, Norton Park
Officer Bill Helgemoe 218-730-5472 Email Life Safety Officer
Officer Jared Warneke 218-730-5712 Email HRA Properties City Wide
Officer Kelly Hanna 218-730-5621 Email Ordean Middle School SRO
Officer Ed Franckowiak 218-730-5632 Email Denfeld High School SRO
Officer Bill Stauber 218-730-5701 Email East High School SRO


East Policing Area


Officer Phone Email Area
Lt. Dave Drozdowski 218-730-5697 Email  
Sergeant Ethan Roe 218-730-5747 Email  
Officer Joshua Kneeland 218-730-5573 Email 6th Ave W to 4th Ave E from 1st St to the Aerial Lift Bridge, Park Point
Officer Jeremy O'Connor 218-730-5547 Email DTA Transit
Officer Richard LeDoux 218-730-5554 Email CORE Unit Officer
Officer Bob LeClaire 218-730-5676 Email CORE Unit Officer
Megan Tezak 218-730-5735 Email CORE Unit Embedded Social Worker
Marissa Leonzal 218-730-5733 Email CORE Unit RN
Jessie Metzinger 218-730-5459 Email

Core Unit Social Worker