Bridge to Wellness

Lunch and Learn Recordings

AUGUST 18 – HELP ME SLEEP! – Did you miss the live presentation? We've got you covered! Stacey Quade shared a plethora of information on what keeps us from sleeping well, how to potentially change activity and sleep patterns, and shared more about herbal nervines and adaptogens.

You can check out the recording here: 

Password: sB8BMF2s

Access the Help Me Sleep Handout Here


JULY 21 – WELLS FARGO AT WORK PRESENTS ON RETIRINGIf you missed the presentation on Saving for Retirement, you can access the recording link here:  Be sure to enter the password: xPz2K4vw



The workshop was not recorded, however the slide deck can be found HERE. The slides contain all relevant websites and information that the presenter covered. If you have any questions after reviewing the deck, please contact Angel Hohenstein at or 730-5201. 

Find more information on Tuition Funding Sources here


APRIL 9– IMPACT OF STRESS & ANXIETY ON BODY & MIND WORKSHOPIf you missed this session, you can access the recording here:

Password: QpRCKD7p

APRIL 23 – PT. 2 TOOLS & TECHNIQUES TO ADDRESS STRESS & ENHANCE RESILIENCEIf you missed this session, access the recording here:

Password: aMy975qM 


Looking for a little balance in life? If you missed Finding Balance workshop, check out the recording here: 

Password: VxJJW56M

Additional materials for the workshop include: Balancing life, Wheel of Life, SMART Goals

Questions? Contact Wellness Coordinator, Angel Hohenstein, at 218-348-9428 or email


Zero Waste Workshop - if you missed the event, April Hepokoski, shared some simple, inspiring steps that can help minimize our own waste (garbage).

Check out the recording of the webinar here (you will need to add the password):

Password: pZjQSP56

Learn more about Zero Waste & April at:



Although the Wells Fargo at Work Healthy Financial Habits workshop was not able to be recorded, there is a one-page hand out that summarizes all of the information that was covered in the session. Check out the details HERE



What causes stress in your life? What makes you feel off balance? What do you do to cope?

Link for the recorded session: 

Password: mJUEtjC7

Resources for the course include: Thought Record & Stress Management Resources


NOVEMBER 18 & 19 - LET'S TALK CREDIT - Wells Fargo at Work is back to talk credit! As part of healthy financial habits, credit is one component that we may all take advantage of, but may not always understand it's impact. It's never too late to learn more about ways to boost your credit, and Marie Buchli wants to help us discover those tips. The presentation will last roughly a half-hour, with time for questions at the end.


Coffee-Break Conversations Recordings
March 30, 2021 - Movement Mindset
If you missed the Coffee Break Conversation on Movement Mindset we talked about ways to build in more natural movement throughout the day. Check out the recording here: 
Password: Jp2fd4wG
March 23, 2021 - Sleep Matters 

If you missed the Coffee Break Conversation on Sleep, we addressed the impact of sleep deprivation on the body (and mind) and shared some ideas on how to improve your shut-eye. Check out the quick recording here:

Password: pPbkM3P6


AUGUST 13 - Digital Wellbeing - RECORDING can be found (scroll to minute 4 - we had some tech difficulties) here  
Password: wGgUpfj3

Additional materials and resources for digital wellbeing: 

AUGUST 20 - Loneliness recording can be found here: 
AUGUST 27 - Boosting Immunity recording can be found here: 
SEPTEMBER 3 - Coffee & Caffeine recording can be found here: 

Recordings of Unlocking Your Body's Secrets to Living a Healthy Life - Both recordings cover the same material. You can choose which day you wish to view. 

July 14th Recording of Unlocking Your Body's Secrets to Living a Healthy Life can be found here:

Password: Vpb2tswX

July 16 recording here: 

Recordings of Advance Care Planning are available now.  Advance Care Planning is a conversation about what you want to have happen with regard to your healthcare in the event that you are unable to speak for yourself. The Advance Care Directive document allows you to have a plan for such a situation and identify who you want to speak for you and carry out your wishes. 

Below are the links to the sessions (they cover the same material, just a different day so you can pick one) with the password: 

Password: jPSi3phP

If you missed the Wells Fargo at Work web event on Protecting Your Identity, check out the recording here: 

Password for the recording is: UsPETjK6

Happy Hour series recordings can be found here: 

Happy Hour 1 - Positive Psychology:

Happy Hour 2 - Resilience:

Happy Hour 3/4- Strategies to Boost Mental Health: