Bridge to Wellness

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more so.  Taking care of your mental health through physical activity is one way to support your mind, and there are many more. 

  • NORTHLAND HEALTHY MINDS - The City of Duluth is a proud partner in the Northland Healthy Minds Coalition. As part of the collaborative,  ​we are working together to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness through community outreach and education, so that all those affected by mental illness know how to seek support and resources without the barriers created by stigma. Visit the Northland Healthy Minds events page for a listing of support groups, upcoming education opportunities and more:


  • SAND CREEK EAP - In addition to the pooled resources at Northland Healthy Minds, there are many more resources available through our EAP as well. If you feel you need to speak with a counselor, would like to learn more about resilience, stress management, mindfulness and mediation, etc., visit Sand Creek EAP at