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Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more so.  Taking care of your mental health through physical activity is one way to support your mental health, and there are many more. 

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline now has a NEW and easy to remember number: 988 

Check out the 988 Poster you can hang in your workplace or 988 Wallet Cards you can print off and hand out

April is Stress Awareness Month and Sand Creek EAP shares some ideas about Coping With Stress. Here are some Breathing Techniques to Help You Relax

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Sand Creek EAP shares some ideas about Promoting Positive Mental Health

September is Suicide Awareness Month and Sand Creek EAP shares ways to Help Shed the Stigma of Suicide.

There are a few resources to share with regard to grief and death:

Grief After Suicide Handout

How To Help Someone Who Feels Suicidal

Brain Scan Image

Supervisors and Trauma 


October 10 is World Mental Health Day! Sand Creek EAP wants to ensure that we are taking care of our Mental Health - read more about ways to support and talk about mental health issues HERE

Mental Health Resolutions - Sand Creek EAP also wants to remind us to stay positive and mentally healthy all throughout the year. They share some different resolution ideas to help keep us resilient.

There is a lot to learn about Pride & Psychological Safety and Sand Creek EAP shares some nuggets. 


  • SAND CREEK EAP - In addition to the pooled resources at Northland Healthy Minds, there are many more resources available through our EAP as well. If you feel you need to speak with a counselor, would like to learn more about resilience, stress management, mindfulness and mediation, etc., visit Sand Creek EAP at

       Our employee assistance program also has some new resources FREE to YOU! If you are looking for help with your medical bill, maybe trying to reduce credit debt, want help spring  cleaning and re-organizing your house, etc., Sand Creek can help!

These FREE and CONFIDENTIAL services are at your fingertips. Check out the description of services below:

Medical Advocacy

Life Coaching

Legal Resources

Financial Resources

Personal Assistant

Mental Health

Virtual Counseling


  • MEDICA – Our health insurance provider also offers a variety of resources to help find a therapist who meets your needs, find information about behavioral health topics, strengthen resilience, beat the blues and more. Call 1-800-848-8327 or visit for more information and to access behavioral health counselors/therapists in our network.
  • Medica also offers a "warmline" or community support line where you can talk to a trained peer who can help you navigate feelings, thoughts, experiences and direct you to the right resources. Call 1-800-342-6892 for Support Line for Community.


  • Check out all of Medica's Behavioral Health Resources HERE.


  • Live and Work WellIf you need extra help and support, Live and Work Well can help. With Live and Work Well, you’ll find health resources and personalized support services to help you and those you care about find the balance, support and care to live the healthiest life possible.

    The Live and Work Well site is available 24/7 for confidential access to professional care, self-help programs and a variety of helpful information. You can:

    • Get personalized assistance for the big events in your life.
    • Browse information and resources, and get referrals, to help balance work and your personal life.
    • Find answers to questions about behavioral health and medical concerns to help you deal with stress, depression, anxiety and other conditions.

    Visit and enter the access code MEDICA. Call 1-800-848-8327

  • Self Care by AbleToOn-demand help for stress and emotional well-being

    Access self-care techniques, coping tools, meditations, sleep tracking, and more — anytime, anywhere with Self Care by AbleTo (formerly Sanvello). It's available at no extra cost to you and your covered dependents (ages 13 +) as part of your Medica behavioral health benefits.

    Here’s how to use this benefit:

    1. Visit
    2. Enter "Medica" when asked for your access code
    3. After you register, download the AbleTo app from your app library
  • NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) MN is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families. NAMI Minnesota champions justice, dignity, and respect for all people affected by mental illnesses. Through education, support, and advocacy they strive to effect positive changes in the mental health system and increase the public and professional understanding of mental illnesses. They offer classes and events to support families and currently all sessions are held online here:


Alzheimer's - Know the Signs Signs of Alzheimer's may vary a bit, but this flyer gives some general ideas of the different stages and signs and symptoms to look for.