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JANUARY 12 – FINANCIAL GOAL SETTING – If you were not able to attend the Financial Goal Setting workshop, Marie Buchli, Vice President, Wells Fargo At Work shared strategies for setting financial goals and action steps to take.

You can view the recording here:

Must enter password: mYSJ2dxi


JANUARY 26 – MORE ALIVE AT ANY AGE - It’s Not Too Late! Discover Ways to Feel Fitter, Sharper and More Alive at Any Age. Health wake-up calls come in many forms – you want to upgrade your health instead of slowly falling apart. So where do you begin? Right here!
Join us for this free, live* lunch and learn, as Mary Holliday, MS, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, shares how to get your head and heart behind your health goals, in a way that works for your lifestyle and career. And without the weird diets, extreme fitness or all-or-nothing plans. Check out this flier for more details.  

Join here:

*Webinar will be recorded and available on the Bridge after the session.


FEBRUARY 9 – BEHAVIORAL HEALTH RESOURCES ROADMAPMedica offers a variety of mental health resources, (Sanvello, Live and Work Well, etc.), but sometimes it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. Join us on Wednesday, February 9 at noon, as a representative from Medica’s behavioral health team walks us through different scenarios and situations to help identify which resource to tap into and when. 

Join link:

Event number:2593 334 6341

Event password:MezHqmH@452 (63947641 from phones)

Join by phone

8664994146 United States Toll Free

+1 5098449208 United States  Toll

Access code: 259 333 46341


“EAT BETTER” CHALLENGE – Tire of being tired? Looking for a little help with your diet? Maybe it’s just accountability you’re looking for or really don’t know what to do with your food? This challenge is for you! Beginning Feb 7 – Mar 7, the Eat Better Challenge is designed to help increase the amount of whole, natural, real foods into your daily consumption and reduce the amount of processed foods. Each week you will receive a mini-challenge (for the week), along with tips and recipes. Check out more details HERE.

Sign up through Daily Endorphin:


UPCOMING ADVANCE CARE PLANNING CLASSES - Essentia Health is offering online classes for Advance Care Planning. What if a sudden illness or injury left you unable to speak for yourself? Who would you want to speak for you? Join one of their free webinars to learn more about considerations of your Advance Care Directive. Find all of the details HERE.  


Explore a little Self-Care Inspiration this January


All of Us Research Project - The goal of the All of Us Research Program is to help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy. the more that researchers understand about what makes each of us unique, the more tailored our health care can become. Be one in 1million for a better future! Learn more HERE

FAQ's about the All of Us Research Program


Fitness Class

Fitness Class - Thursdays at Noon! For those of you who are interested, our fitness class is held at City Hall AND we have a remote option! You can join us from wherever you are located and for as long as you are able (class is roughly 1hour, but when you have to hop off/out I understand!).

We focus on mostly body weight exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, etc., and we do incorporate a little weight and/or resistance bands (though not necessary to participate). On-site class will be held in Conference Room 330 or outside, remote class is accessed here: 
Meeting number: 172 800 1210
Password: Fitness



YOGA- Class link will be posted here by noon on Wednesdays. 


December 1 (Cardio Flow) class link:

December 8 (Twisting Balance Vinyasa) class link:

December 15 (1-Legged Tadasana Flow) class link: 

December 22 (Airplane Flow) class link:

December 29 (Cardio Flow) class link:



October 6 (Balancing Tree Flow) class link: 

October 13 (Core + Flow) class link:

October 20 (Circles) class link:

October 27 (Eagle Flow) class link:

Find December 2020, Jan-Sep 2021 class links under the "Resources>Fitness and Movement Classes" page.

Sand Creek EAP  offers some tips and information about Coping With Grief After Community ViolenceIf you and/or someone in your family are finding it difficult to process the devastating and heartbreaking violence that has occurred over the past week, first of all, you are not alone, and secondly, our EAP has people to talk to and talk through the range of emotions you may be feeling. Please do not hesitate to contact Sand Creek at 1-888-243-5744 or online 

Sand Creek EAP also offers some tips and information on Planning For At-Home Learning



Hot (and long) summer days can make it hard to get good sleep. Check out these tips on how to get Good Sleep For Good Health