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Medica Programs

Medica Programs

Medica My Health Rewards

My Health Rewards by Medica ® – an online tool that helps you take small steps to reach your health goals. You’ll earn points for completing activities and get rewarded on your own personal path to health. Complete health activities that include:
  • Assess your health
  • Personalize your health journey
  • Connect a fitness tracker
  • Explore tools and programs
Then redeem those points for e-gift cards, or shop for health and fitness products in the Virgin Pulse store. You can even choose to donate your rewards to a charitable cause. You can earn up to $220 worth of gift cards or other options!
My Health Rewards Registration Video 
(This points-based incentive program is in ADDITION to and operates independent of the Wellbeing program, though you can earn additional points for the Wellbeing program by participating in it – an added bonus!)


My Health Rewards Healthy Eating ToolsMy Health Rewards by Medica® members can now access a variety of healthy eating resources on the Benefits page on the online portal or mobile app, including the new Foodsmart tool. Foodsmart by Zipongo offers nutrition tools and recipes to help members eat healthy even if they’re on a budget. Check out the variety of ways you can receive support on your nutrition journey!


Live and Work Well

Live and Work WellIf you need extra help and support, Live and Work Well can help. With Live and Work Well, you’ll find health resources and personalized support services to help you and those you care about find the balance, support and care to live the healthiest life possible.

The Live and Work Well site is available 24/7 for confidential access to professional care, self-help programs and a variety of helpful information. You can:

  • Get personalized assistance for the big events in your life.
  • Browse information and resources, and get referrals, to help balance work and your personal life.
  • Find answers to questions about behavioral health and medical concerns to help you deal with stress, depression, anxiety and other conditions.

Visit and enter the access code MEDICA. Call 1-800-848-8327

View Medica's full list of Behavioral Health resources HERE



Amwell is an online/virtual care clinic where you can connect with a provider from your computer or mobile device for many non-urgent matters, including many common ailments.  It’s a great option when your primary care doctor is not available. Amwell has a team of board certified doctors, nurse practitioners, experienced therapists and psychiatrists provide care and counselling for a variety of conditions. Call 1-844-733-3627 and either download the app or go online to


Ovia Health

Ovia Health mobile app –supports you through your entire parenthood journey. The Ovia Health apps offer personalized guidance, support and coaching to help achieve your health goals, from fertility health tracking, to getting pregnant, to navigating pregnancy, postpartum and parental wellness. Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy and Ovia Parenting app tools are all available from the App Store or Google Play.  When signing up with email, choose “I have Ovia Health as a benefit”, enter your state, health plan (Medica) and get started. General information can be found here: 



SanvelloCreated by psychologists, Sanvello is a top-rated self-help app that uses clinically validated techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – a type of psychotherapy that has been shown to be especially effective for individuals experiencing high levels of stress or symptoms of anxiety and depression. Sanvello empowers individuals to engage with activities to improve their mental health from the convenience of their mobile device. This FREE app allows participants (ages 13 & older) to:

  • Track mood and health data
  • Integrate goal-setting and progress assessments (through weekly check-ins)
  • Explore educational guided journeys to build long-term life skills
  • Utilize relaxation and coping tools 
  • And more.... Take a Tour of Sanvello on Vimeo


Medica CallLink

Medica CallLink connects you with advisors and nurses around the clock. When you call, you’ll receive trusted answers, information and support for a wide range of health concerns. They will answer your health questions and help you decide what to do if you are sick or injured, have questions about a diagnosis, create a plan for adding healthy habits to your routine, find a doctor, understand how to take medications safely and effectively, and more.  Nurses will not share information about your call with your doctor or anyone else. Advisors and Nurses available 24/7, 365 days a year; call 800-962-9497.

          Password: SuY8fuFp

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