Bridge to Wellness

Weight-Management Programs

A.) OMADA FOR DIABETES - Omada for Diabetes is NEW! Create lasting change with Omada® all at no cost to you.
What you’ll get with Omada:
✓ Dedicated health coach & care team
✓ Interactive weekly lessons
✓ Smart devices, delivered to your door
✓ Healthier lifestyle in 10 minutes a day | anywhere, anytime
✓ Long term results through habit & behavior change

Find out if you're eligible here:

New Omada for Diabetes Videos

B.) OMADA FOR PREVENTION - If you are not familiar with Omada®, it's an innovative online health program that surrounds you with everything you need to lose weight and reduce your risk for certain chronic diseases.

 Omada for Prevention guides you step-by-step to better health. You’ll get:

  • A full-time health coach to keep you on track—on your best days and your worst.
  • Smart technology to track your progress, and reveal what is (and isn't) working for you.
  • Each week, you’ll learn healthy tips for better eating, fitness, sleep, and stress management
  • The support of a small group of peers just like you for encouragement at every step.

 You will need to take the one-minute risk screener at  to see if you’re eligible for Omada. You also MUST be an active employee carrying City health insurance. The program is now available to 18+ in household who might be at risk for Type 2 Diabetes, who are also on your Medica health insurance. 

Here's just one example of the many recipes that they provide along with all of the other education and support you'll find: Heart Healthy Chili 

Here is an example of healthy tips around exercise you'll receive: Summer Movement

C.) PROFILE by Sanford 

Profile by Sanford is a unique blend of personalized plans and one-on-one weekly coaching.  The local office/store is located at 4602 Grand Ave. Suite 94C in Duluth and you can sign up for a free coaching appointment before committing to their program. The Corporate rate for City employees is $100 off their annual $399 membership.  Contact 218-520-0195 or email for more information.