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*Application Instructions*

Mail: Send to Construction Services & Inspections, 411 W 1st Street Room 100, Duluth MN 55802.

Drop off: Leave your application in the secure Drop Box in Priley Drive adjacent to the entrance steps to City Hall. Follow the one-way route through the circle and the Drop Box will be on your left.

In person: Visit Construction Services & Inspections in Room 100 at City Hall. With this method, you can also use a credit card for payment.

To email: Send files (word, pdf, and jpg files accepted) to Mail or deliver the fee using the instructions above, and make sure to include the hard copy of your Application Cover Sheet so we know which application your check belongs to. Note that fence and sign permit applications can also submit payment electronically; if you are interested in this option for sign and fence permits only, indicate this on your application and a staff person will email you with instructions for payment.

--Application and Fee Cover Sheet--
--Individual Application Checklists --

Special Use or Interim Use 


Application Manual

--Other Forms --

Appeal Process Summary

File a Complaint with the Code Enforcement Intake Form

Request for Land Use Supervisor Administrative Adjustment (Revised July 2019)

Tree Preservation Report

Joint Application for Activities Affecting Water Resources (Wetland Delineation)

Zoning Verification Letter Request

Zoning Compliance Summary Worksheet

Saint Louis Consolidation Request Form


--Informational Handouts -

Tiny House Handout (6/26/20)

Items/Issues to Consider When Proposing a New Development (11/8/18)

Accessory Home Occupation/Home Based Business Information

MnDOT Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Counts

Zoning Notice Sign Dimensions and Examples

High Quality Road and Stream Map

City of Duluth Mapping Portal