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Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals fall into two categories, primarily differentiated by whether or not the property owner resides on the premises while the guests are present:

  • Accessory Home Share: Property owner permanently resides at the property during the rental period. A maximum of 4 guests can stay 1-29 nights.
  • Vacation Dwelling Unit/Accessory Vacation Dwelling Unit: For rental of entire unit without property owner being present. Guest totals and parking requirements are determined by number of bedrooms. Guests can stay 2-29 nights.

What if I have a separate unit on my property and I also live there?

If your unit is ATTACHED to your house (i.e. second half of a duplex or a basement unit), you may apply for the Accessory Home Share permit.

If your unit is DETACHED from your house (i.e. above a garage or in another accessory structure), you should apply for an Accessory Vacation Dwelling Unit.

Contact Information

For general information on all rentals, and to submit applications, contact Life Safety at 218-730-4380.

If you have questions about the Interim Use Permit process for Vacation Dwelling Units, contact Planning and Development at 218-730-5328 or

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