Planning & Development

Housing in Duluth

Duluth is home to roughly 86,000 residents (36,000 households). Housing units are distributed in a variety of configurations, including apartment buildings, duplexes, and detached single-family homes. While the population has remained relatively unchanged in the last decade, the need for additional housing, particularly affordable housing, is greater than ever. A 2019 Maxfield Research, Inc. analysis found that Duluth could absorb up to 3,509 additional units of affordable apartment housing and 126 affordable single-family homes by 2024. While progress has been made by the net gain of approximately 1,380 new units from 2015 to 2020, low vacancy rates and increasing costs demonstrate continued demand for housing. The City of Duluth works closely with local, state, and federal partners in the creation and retention of housing in Duluth.  

  • Nearly 75% of Duluth's housing units are at least 46 years old, while 44% are at least 76 years old
  • Median sale price of single-family home 2020: $205,000
  • Average Rent Cost 2020: $722 (studio), $779 (1 bedroom), $954 (2 bedroom), $1,250 (3 bedroom), $1,592 (4 bedroom)
  • Median Household Income Duluth 2020: $52,463
  • Increase density in and around the designated Core Investment Areas
  • Provide affordable, attainable housing opportunities
  • Prioritize inclusive housing policies to reflect the City's social, cultural, economic, and historic diversity and development patterns
  • Improve the quality of the City's housing stock and neighborhoods
  • Expand the cohesiveness of "One Duluth" by expanding a variety of housing opportunities throughout the City while maintaining unique community characteristics within distinct individual neighborhoods