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Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals fall into three categories:

  • Accessory Home Share: Property owner permanently resides at the unit during the rental period. A maximum of 4 guests can stay 1-29 nights.
  • Accessory Vacation Dwelling Unit, Limited: An owner-occupied property can be rented for periods of 2-7 nights, A homeowner may not rent their home for more than 21 nights in a calendar year.
  • Vacation Dwelling Unit/Accessory Vacation Dwelling Unit: For rental of entire unit without property owner being present. Guest totals and parking requirements are determined by number of bedrooms. Guests can stay 2-29 nights.
    • There is a cap on vacation dwelling units, determined as a percentage of housing units (except in Form districts, where the cap does not apply). After advertising for Letters of Interest, the City held a drawing in December for those letters received to determine the order on an eligibility list. At this point, there is not expected to be any openings on the eligibility list in the foreseeable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important that you read these Frequently Asked Questions and review the building code information for short-term rentals. If you are pursuing an Interim Use Permit for a Vacation Dwelling Unit, you can also review the Construction Services and Inspections Division's Vacation Dwelling Unit Guide to understand the step-by-step process you will use for inspections and building permits, after receiving your Interim Use Permit.

Pre-Application Meetings

If you will be pursuing an Interim Use Permit for a Vacation Dwelling Unit or Accessory Vacation Dwelling Unit, you need a pre-application meeting. First, please watch this pre-application video, then contact Planning and Development at 218-730-5580 or


  • Zoning regulations are available in the Unified Development Chapter. Scroll down to "Article 3" and click on "Use-Specific Standards."
    • For Vacation Dwelling Units, look under section 50-20.3, Commercial Uses.
    • For Accessory Vacation Dwelling Units; Accessory Vacation Dwelling Units, Limited; and Accessory Home Share; look under section 50-20.5, Accessory Uses.
    • Recent changes are found in the Amending Ordinance passed on 10/25/21.
  • Building regulations for short-term rentals.
  • Selected City Ordinances on Parking, Parks, Pets, & Noise (must be provided to all guests)
  • As part of your building permit, the Fire Department will conduct an inspection to ensure your building meets the fire code.


Other Information

Contact Information

For general information on short-term rentals, contact Construction Services at 218-730-5240 or

If you have questions about the Interim Use Permit process for Vacation Dwelling Units, contact Planning and Development at 218-730-5580 or