Human Resources

Applying for a Job

In order to apply for job with the City of Duluth, you must visit the City's Career Pages website (City of Duluth Career Pages). Click on the job title for the position for which you'd like to submit an application; a flyout window will appear with the full job posting. In the upper-right corner of the job posting page, click the "APPLY" button.

The City uses Government Jobs to collect job applications; all applications must be submitted online. Please note, you must first create a Government Jobs account if you'd like to apply for a position with the City. (An email address is required to create an account; if you do not have an email address, please see the section about creating an email account.)

Applicants must have an email address in order to use the online application system. If you don't currently have an email address, please create an email account online for free at one of the email websites below. Please note, you'll need to check your email regularly, as Human Resources uses email as the main form of communication to candidates. - Create a free Google account (Gmail email address) - Create a free Microsoft account (Outlook or Hotmail email address) - Create a free Yahoo account (Yahoo email address)

Prior to submitting an online application, be prepared with the following information:

  • Dates, names, addresses, and phone numbers of past and present employers
  • Job titles previously held
  • Detailed descriptions of past and present job duties
  • Software/equipment you have used
  • Computer/typing skills (words per minute)
  • School names and locations (previous or currently attending)
  • Degrees, certifications, or advanced training (including completion dates)
  • Names, job titles, and contact information (email and phone) for References
  • Think about:
    • Special skills you may have
    • Special projects you have been involved in

Additional Information and Application Tips:

  • Every job posting has "minimum qualifications" which you must meet in order to be considered a qualified applicant. Make sure you review these so that you can clearly show how you are qualified for the position.
  • To ensure that you are given credit during an Education & Experience Review, you must include all related job experience on the application (even if you attach a resume).
  • List each promotion as a separate job, even though it may have been with the same department or organization.
  • Part-time work experience must be prorated to the number of hours worked, using a 40-hour work week as the standard for full-time work.
  • Read and answer Supplemental Questions carefully. Responses are typically scored by a subject matter expert and may need to be supported by the application (education, jobs, training, and certifications). Be thorough.
  • We have found that the most compatible web browser to use when applying is Google Chrome.
  • If you choose to upload a resume or other documents, a .pdf file will ensure the document remains formatted as intended. (Word documents can also be attached, but they may end up reformatting when uploaded). 

If you wish to check your application status, log in to your Government Jobs account (City of Duluth Government Jobs Applicant Login). Accessing your account via this link should bring you directly to your Application list. If not, click on your name in the upper-right corner, and a dropdown menu will appear - select "Applications". Your applications will be divided into the following categories: Submitted or Incomplete. An Incomplete application is one that was initially started (and likely saved), but was never submitted.

Under the Submitted section, you will have access to the application that you submitted. The date you applied will appear next to the job title. Your application status will be in the following column (e.g., Application Received). If you have been invited to participate in an Exam or Interview, you may see a "Schedule Appointment" link in this row.

When Human Resources sends a notification using the applicant tracking system, an email is sent to the address associated with your Government Jobs account. Notices can also be viewed by clicking the envelope icon at the top of the window, or by selecting "Inbox" from the dropdown menu below your name, which is located in the upper-right corner of the window.


The City of Duluth is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications from diverse individuals are welcomed.

Notice: The City of Duluth cannot accept any responsibility for the delivery of information or material by any means; through the US Postal Service, by internet, private courier/delivery service, or any other means. You are responsible for making sure your communication reaches the proper destination (either you or us) regardless of the means of transmission. In other words, you are responsible for activities such as communicating frequently through various means and for making sure your contact information is accurate and up-to-date.