Human Resources

Deferred Compensation

As a City of Duluth employee, you can participate in a 457 Deferred Compensation plan.  Under a deferred compensation plan, you can make pre-tax contributions bi-weekly through payroll deduction into a variety of investment options to save for retirement.  By setting aside a portion of your income to accumulate on a tax-deferred basis, you pay fewer tax dollars now, and your savings and investment earnings accumulate tax-deferred until you start drawing from the plan at retirement.  Additionally, you now have Roth post tax options available to fit your specific financial circumstances.  The City of Duluth offers four deferred compensation plans to choose from.

All four plans offer a wide range of investment options, each designed to pursue a different investment objective.  Contact a plan representative or the Human Resources office for:

  • Information describing the plan and its options
  • Prospectuses describing individual investments and their history
  • Help with enrollment or change forms
  • Catch-up contribution rules
  • Hardship withdrawal information
  • Distribution upon termination information


Deferred Compensation Plan Comparison & Forms: