City Council

Earned Sick and Safe Time Task Force

On May 29, 2018, the Duluth City Council adopted Ordinance No. 10571 establishing minimum standards for earned sick and safe time in the City of Duluth. The Ordinance takes effect of January 1, 2020.

Read the full text of the Ordinance here.

The Earned Sick and Safe Time Task Force gathers information, collects public input, proposes the best options for implementing ESST policies and brings forward policy recommendations. 

Minutes will be posted after they have been approved by the Task Force. 

Council Presentations:


Meeting Time and Place:

  • The ESST meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.
  • Meeting Agendas are posted below when they are made available, identifying the dates, time, and location of the meeting. 



6/28/2017 6-28-17 ESST Agenda
6/14/2017 6-14-17 ESST Agenda
5/22/2017 5-24-17 ESST Agenda
5/10/2017 5-10-17 ESST Agenda
3/8/2017 Cancelled - 3/8/17 ESST Meeting