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Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund Advisory Board

The Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund Advisory Board accepts requests for distribution of the earnings of the Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund, evaluates which requests will best benefit the community and fulfill a public purpose, and approves and recommends specific distributions to various city departments.  The Board has a varied schedule, as noted in meeting agendas. 

Meeting Minutes will be posted after they have been approved by the Committee.


6/26/2019 Agenda
3/26/2019 Agenda
12/12/2018 Agenda
6/5/2018 Agenda
3/6/2018 Agenda


3/16/2018 Minutes
1/30/2018 Meeting Summary
6/16/2009 Minutes
6/16/2009 Minutes
5/20/2009 Minutes

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