Human Rights Office

Discrimination Complaint Process

If you feel you have been the victim of discrimination in the City of Duluth, the first step of filing a complaint is to fill out the intake questionnaire below or call or visit the Human Rights office.  Once you have completed the intake form, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with our Human Rights Officer who will discuss the alleged discriminatory act(s) and the investigatory process with you.

  • There is no filing fee to draft a complaint.
  • You have one year from the date of the alleged discrimination to file a charge.
  • An attorney is not required to file a charge though some people do hire an attorney.
  • To speak with someone about your rights under the Duluth Human Rights Ordinance or for more information about filing a charge of discrimination, please contact us at (218) 730-5630 or

The Human Rights Office needs specific information in order to investigate a complaint. If the Office cannot locate you, your case may be dismissed. Please fill as many fields as possible. This information is only used to investigate your complaint and no for no other purposes.

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This is the first step to initiating a Discrimination Complaint and you may be requested to provide further information. Submitting this form does not mean you have filed a complaint. This form is part of an intake process. You can also begin the intake process by calling, visiting, or emailing the Human Rights Office.

Information you provide is subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. This law classifies certain information as available to the public on request.