Boards & Commissions

Alcohol, Gambling & Tobacco Commission

The Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco Commission investigates every license application to sell alcoholic beverages within the City and, after such an investigation, makes an advisory recommendation to the City Council for granting or refusing licenses.  Subject to final Council review, the Commission may suspend or revoke a license after public hearing.  The commission advises and aids the City Council in exercising its licensing duties under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 349, the charitable gambling laws, and investigates all premise permit applications and gambling questions for the Duluth City Council.

Created by Council Ordinance 7056 (Article 1, Chapter 8 of City Code) and by Ordinance 9438, 2/14/2000.

Meeting Time and Place: First Wednesday of the month at 4:45 p.m., Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall, 411 West First Street, and are open to the public.