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Indigenous Commission

The Indigenous Commission (previously known as the American Indian Commission) works to ensure that the views of the Indigenous Community are incorporated in the decision-making, future planning, and stewardship of the city of Duluth; it endeavors to act as a guide in the development of public policy, planning and services so that the Indigenous Community is adequately represented in these processes and also works to increase understanding and acceptance of the Indigenous Community and culture.

There are eleven seats on the Commission.  Membership on the Commission is by appointment of the Mayor, with confirmation by the City Council.  City residency is not required for all members, as long as a simple majority of the members resides within city limits. 

In addition to monthly meetings, the Commission has been holding annual Feast and Forums at different locations across the City since 2007.  The Feast and Forums are gatherings that serve free food to visitors, followed with an open and informal public forum.  This allows Commission members to listen to comments and opinions of citizens.  The intent is to hear directly from residents, especially those who would not normally attend official public hearings.

Meeting Time and Place:

  • 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 pm, unless that Monday falls on a Holiday observed by the City then the meeting will be rescheduled and identified below. 
  • City Hall Room 303.  Visitors and guests are always welcome to sit in the audience and attend the meetings.  For further information, contact the staff at the Community Development Office at 218-730-5580.


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