Public Works & Utilities

Natural Gas

The gas utility/fund is a self-supporting enterprise fund, which accounts for the distribution of an adequate, reliable, and safe supply of natural gas to the citizens of Duluth.  Other services provided are the inspection, maintenance, and servicing of customer gas appliances. 


The City of Duluth owns, operates, and maintains 23 natural gas regulator sites throughout the city.  These sites are designed to control and regulate the pressure and flow of natural gas throughout the natural gas distribution system.  For an average year, the City of Duluth will flow approximately 5 billion cubic feet of natural gas to over 28,000 customers.  The City operates and maintains about 550 miles of pipeline with pressures ranging from transmission line pressures of +900 PSI (pounds per square inch) to distribution pressures of as low as 20 PSI.

The largest single expense that the Public Works and Utilities Department has is the purchase of natural gas.  The Utility Operations Manager oversees the purchase of natural gas.  The Natural Gas Purchasing Committee, chaired by the Chief Financial Officer, provides purchasing guidance.  Natural gas prices have been very reasonable and consistent the last few years with many new customers applying for natural gas service throughout the city.

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Natural Gas Rates