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Water Pitcher Program

To help residents with lead service lines receive the best water possible, we are offering FREE water pitchers and replacement filters which are rated to remove lead.


Residents living at properties identified in or suspected of having a lead service or galvanized line, are eligible for a free ZeroWater water pitcher and replacement filters.  Lead service lines are identified during free inspections by ComfortSystems technicians and through review of existing city records.

Residents at affected locations are eligible for a one-time disbursement of a FREE ZeroWater pitcher.  Replacement filters will be supplied upon request.

TDS Meter

Each pitcher contains a TDS meter stored on the lid of the pitcher.  It will measure the total amount of dissolved solids in the filtered water, including minerals, salts and metals.  


  1. Pour filtered water into a clean cup.
  2. Remove the cap from the meter.
  3. Turn on the meter
  4. Place meter in cup with filtered water.
  5. Read the digital display
  6. When the number is 006 or higher, it is time

to replace your filter

Filter Disposal and Recycling

Zerowater filters are NOT recyclable locally.  They may be disposed of in your trash or you may use the form below to return your filters to the manufacturer.  The City of Duluth will NOT pay or reimburse for postage and shipping charges associated with Zerowater’s recycling program.  All costs related to recycling the Zerowater filters are your responsibility.

Recycling Form


ZeroWater filter 5 stage filtration systems are NSF/ANSI 53 certified and rated for lead removal.

Pitcher and Replacement Filter Request