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Lead Service Line Identification

Where is my water service line?

The service line is a pipe that runs from the public main to a building.  It is comprised of the publicly owned section shown in blue, extending from the main to the curb stop. The property owner’s portion shown in red, runs from the curb stop into the building, usually into a basement.


The city is developing an inventory of all service lines in our water system and searching for lead and galvanized service lines by using free inspections, self-reporting and city records. 

In Duluth, water service lines are typically made of various materials such as lead, copper, galvanized steel, HDPE (plastic).  The private and public portions are not always the same material due to replacements made over time.

Public services – Service line owned by the utility; the majority of these lines are already identified and recorded in our inventory.

Private services – Service line owned by the property owner. The city continues to gather data for each private service through review of internal records, resident self-reporting, and free inspections.

To determine if you have a lead service line, you may schedule a free inspection or self-identify.

Free Inspection

  • Conducted by a Comfort Systems Technician.
  • Appointment lasts approximately 20 minutes.
  • We will need access to the area where the pipe enters the building, usually in a basement or crawl space and near your water meter.
  • The technician will also conduct a free water meter upgrade if it has not already been completed.
  • A free water pitcher or voucher will be supplied if a lead or galvanized pipe is identified.

Schedule Free Inspection


NPR Identification Tool

  • Watch and follow the NPR tool to help you identify the material of your service line:
  • Record your findings by filling out the self-report form below.
  • The city reserves the right to require an inspection by a City of Duluth employee to confirm the presence of a lead service line.